Marine sewage treatment

Our STP has been tested against the other high performance STP in the market and the result is as follow: marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Cat pumps

 Available in various materials, our high pressure cat pumps are catered meet the different level of corrosion and arduous environmental conditions in the Marine and Offshore O&G sectors. 

Marine pumps

 Gianneschi is established since 1969 and has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing marine pumps for luxury boats, work boats and small military units from 12 to 120 meters in length.Engeneering and sMarket leader in luxury boats, work boats, and small military units 

Osmosis water maker

Renowned in Singapore and Southeast Asia with proven track records, ULTRO Reverse Osmosis Watermaker provides solutions for clean potable water both on land and out in the sea. Driven by more than 10 years of industrial experience and thorough product knowledge.

Hydrophore systems

Hydrophore system is used on board vessel to stabilise water supply to various parts of the ship at different height. It helps to maintain constant pressure and flow in the pipelines at all level of the ship for different usage.  

LASCO Fittings manufactures Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Insert, CTS, DWV, Irrigation and Swing Joints to strict industry standards with a reputation for quality product, innovation, and technical leadership. 

Hot water calorifier systems

 Available up to 10,000 litres in tank capacity

Customization possible for various functions such as the integrated control function, alarm options, number of circulation pumps and heater size. For safety precaution, Hot water calorifier system is designed with multiple safety points to cut off the heater